Why most entrepreneurs, executives & busy professionals DON’T (!) manage to lose 7-10 kg in 3 months sustainably with restrictive dieting, to have more energy, feel more attractive and look more charismatic,…
Why keto, low-carb, intermittent fasting & other crash-diets combined with hours of cardio on the treadmill & extreme fitness routines haven’t given you what you hoped for…
A message from Miguel Miranda
A message from Miguel MirandaCharisma & Efficiency Coach for Entrepreneurs & Busy Professionals
Dear friend,
If you’re like most entrepreneurs, executives, and busy professionals, you might be familiar with these challenges:
  • You are constantly stressed and trying to fit your health and fitness into your busy schedule – but sustainable weight loss and an improved appearance still seem unattainable.
  • You only experience short-term success. Sometimes you manage to lose a few kilos, but as soon as everyday life catches up with you, the lost kilos return…
  • You’ve tried all sorts of things – keto, low-carb, intermittent fasting, hours of cardio, extreme fitness routines – but nothing seems to work in the long term…
  • You see others around you – colleagues and friends – who don’t actually have any more ability than you, but still seem to manage to stay in shape somehow, maintain a healthy body weight effortlessly, and as a result fit better into clothes and present themselves full of energy and charisma…
  • You keep doubting your strategies or your approach to weight loss and every few weeks or months you start trying a new diet or harmful fat burner or a new fitness programme – only to be disappointed again…
Don’t worry, this is a common experience for many out there! 
Why keto, low-carb, intermittent fasting & other crash-diets combined with hours of cardio on the treadmill & extreme fitness routines haven’t given you what you hoped for…
Many entrepreneurs and busy professionals believe that they can finally reach their target weight and improve their appearance through restrictive diet plans, intensive fitness routines and complicated dietary changes…
They constantly chase after the latest diet and fitness trends and try out every tip they are told by someone they know or hear in some online article, Instagram post, YouTube video or webinar by a “fitness guru”…
Time and time again, however, they realise that diets and training methods that seem to work for others simply don’t deliver results for them!
Most entrepreneurs and busy professionals have already burned a lot of money, wasted time, expended energy and lost nerves due to the unsupportive environment – either because their attempts at dieting didn’t produce the results they were hoping for OR because they tried numerous fitness programmes without achieving long-term success…
You have no long-term results because you have not recognised the fundamental factor that ensures that almost every method of sustainable weight loss and increasing charisma is doomed to fail from the outset…
The TRUTH is: With a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, a focus solely on restrictive diets and intense cardio HIIT sessions, achieving sustainable weight loss will simply won’t work!
Every approach to weight loss and health promotion, whether through diets or fitness programmes, stands and falls with one thing: efficient and flexible adaptation to everyday life!
Quick diet solutions and one-sided fitness routines are more energy-draining than ever!
Whether it’s radical diets, excessive cardio training or popular fitness hypes – the days when such approaches promised long-term success are long gone!
If you don’t sustainably lose 2 to 4 kilos per month with your approach (no matter what form of diet) and can keep your weight off effortlessly, then you have NO CHANCE of winning against your body!
And if you’re doing intensive training, then it makes NO SENSE to lose weight here either, as you’ll simply get more cravings and can only try to maintain your weight with such training sessions your whole life anyway. This even happens to many footballers, sportsmen and athletes. When they stop, they gain weight. This is NOT A SURPRISE…
Think about it:
If your weight loss methods are not efficient and sustainable, then you have to be a fitness genius, so to speak, and perform miracles to even achieve sustainable results despite the tremendous effort and time commitment.
It also doesn’t matter which diet or fitness programme you follow – one-dimensional and extreme approaches destroy EVERY CHANCE of long-term success and well-being!
If, on the other hand, you were to follow a holistic approach tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, then trendy diets, hours of cardio training on the treadmill and intensive fitness programmes would no longer matter!
Even if you have a busy schedule or have not had much success with diets and fitness programmes in the past, this sustainable, efficient and flexible approach will lead to visible and lasting results.
This is also the decisive factor why many self-employed people, entrepreneurs and busy professionals sooner or later opt for sustainable, efficient and customised solutions – or give up their goal of losing weight and improving their charismatic appearance in frustration at some point…
The solution is clear: only a HOLISTIC, EFFICIENT AND INDIVIDUALLY ADAPTED APPROACH will allow you to lose 7 to 10 kilos in 3 months sustainabyl and make you feel more attractive!
Holistically speaking, there is another secret that many people don’t tell you about. There is one indicator that plays a huge role in your health and physical attractiveness…
This secret, inspired by the perfect aesthetics of the Greek gods, is actually a simple but powerful measure of physical attractiveness and charisma. I’ll let you in on it…
It’s the Adonis-Belt or, in other words, the waist-to-body-size ratio. Leonardo da Vinci immortalised it in the Virtruvian Man: The Ideal Harmony of the Human Body.
Did you know that there is a certain value for our physical health and attractiveness that can be achieved almost effortlessly?
Depending on what type of person you are, there are different body weight classes that we can use as a guide. You can then decide at any time whether you simply want to achieve a healthy feel-good weight or irresistible physical attractiveness…
In our programme, we strive to achieve your personal ideal:
  • For health and well-being: We aim for a waist to body size ratio of 50% or slightly below. This is the key to a healthy and balanced life.
  • For irresistible attractiveness: A ratio of around 45% is your magic number and marks the Adonis-Belt, a milestone to an attractive figure. Once you reach this level, even more possibilities open up for you. For men, this means increasing the waist-to-shoulder ratio through targeted strength training (especially the upper body) to achieve an even more striking appearance. Women, on the other hand, can optimise their waist-to-hip ratio with exercises that specifically target the booty-muscles. These improvements will not only make you feel better in your skin, but will also skyrocket your charisma and charisma to new dimensions. And the clothes?
You’ll look like it’s tailor-made for you. This visual transformation is no accident, but the result of our holistic approach. While other programmes lead you astray, I have cracked the code – the code to the Charisma Look. An approach that not only revolutionises your body, but also your charisma and your social life…
Imagine an angular jawline that gives you a striking look like that of magazine models and makes you appear more confident. This new self-image paves the way to not only shine in social situations, but gives you more courage to look for your dream partner or appear more attractive in front of your current partner. No method to date has achieved this; I offer you a revolutionary way to not only feel more physically attractive, but also appear more charismatic
All of this is possible for you. But the goal of this programme is initially to focus on your waistline with targeted weight reduction, especially fat loss (e.g. The Sustainable Fat Loss System). If your goal is just to achieve a healthy body weight, then that’s great too! I just wanted to show you the charisma potential, what else is possible after the Adonis-Belt is achieved…
But apart from that, the long-term goal is to keep your feel-good weight with a holistic and efficient approach, even with a busy schedule…
Once you take an efficient approach, it will be much easier for you to reach & keep your feel-good weight – regardless of whether you have little time or have not been successful with diets and fitness programmes so far!
But how exactly do you achieve your feel-good weight or Adonis-Belt efficiently and sustainably?
In order to successfully pursue a holistic, efficient and customised approach as a entrepreneur or busy professional that enables you to lose 7 to 10 kilos in 3 months in a sustainable way, making you feel more energetic & attractive and increasing your charismatic appearance, the following must change in your approach:
  1. Efficient weight loss strategy: We analyse your individual challenges and life circumstances in detail to develop a tailor-made weight loss strategy based on four key indicators that is perfectly tailored to your needs.
  2. Mindset training: We work together to remove mental blocks and establish habits that not only boost your self-confidence, but also support your charisma and the achievement of your weight loss goals. A positive self-image and a strong inner attitude are crucial to appearing more charismatic and convincing, both personally and professionally.
  3. Flexible nutrition: Your nutrition programme will be adapted so that it is flexible, suitable for your body and in line with your individual strategy. This includes incorporating different types of diets to promote a sustainable diet.
  4. Boosting Energy and performance: We implement techniques to increase your daily energy, performance, focus and productivity including effective sleep management and stress management. A high energy level coupled with mental strength contributes significantly to a powerful charisma and charismatic appearance.
  5. Exercise integration: As a little bonus, incorporate simple but effective home workouts and regular walks into your daily routine to improve your fitness and support weight loss – even if you’ve struggled in the past!¬†
I have repeatedly proven in the past that I can help people like you achieve these things in a short time!
Click on the link to schedule a free consultation call with me!
Within this 60-minute consultation, we will figure out together how we can implement these ideas into your lifestyle to lose 7 to 10 kilos in 3 months sustainably & efficiently and to appear more charismatic & confident in social situations! 
I have also provided you with additional materials and case studies on this page that show you how I work and the results I have already achieved for other people like you in the past!
I wish you much success and hope we will talk soon!
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